Monday, October 10, 2011

Learning to Draw, Old School Style Part 4 and 5

I didn't get a chance to write about my drawing class last week. We spent the class drawing in our terminaters, the lines where light starts to no longer "hit" the form, and then shading in the sides of the line that were in shadow. We were to keep the shadow simple and just fill the area in as dark as we could. This left the drawing looking pretty graphic-like. It gave the person distinct darks and lights, with nothing in between.

After class number 4.

When we were filling in the shadow, Sadie mentioned that even if we got the area dark, we would probably need to darken it more once we modeled the light side. I remember thinking "Yeah right, this is pretty dark. I'll probably have to lighten it." Well once we started the modeling process during class 5, it became very obvious that she was right. My darks weren't dark enough. I did have to go back and darken them. If you look at his right thigh that I filled in last week, it looks pretty light in comparison to the part of his torso in shadow that I just completed. 
After class number 5.

I am pretty happy with the way my drawing is starting to look three dimensional. (Doesn't that torso look pretty cool?? And I'm not even done with it yet!) It's not an easy process and has taken multiple steps and a LOT of patience to get just to this point. We only have one class left to finish this drawing and most of us won't even get close, just like Sadie said. I would have never thought that six 4 hour classes would not be enough to finish ONE drawing. I should know by now that Sadie is always right.

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