Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Three Woman on a Beach

Just in case there is still any doubt as to whether or not I actually paint my images (as opposed to using photo transfers or actual photos in my paintings), here's a series of photos from my latest painting that I started on Monday. It is still a work in progress since only the first woman is done, and I am hoping to finish this next week.

I will be taking a break from painting for the next four days. I am starting a four day intensive drawing class with Noah Buchannon tomorrow and I am thinking that after 6 hours of drawing, I may not want to go back into the studio to finish this painting. Because of this, this painting will have to wait until Monday before I can start on it again.

The finished painting will be 30"x40".

The second woman's eyes look weird. I'll fix that and make them
look normal when I start on her next week...then I'll block her eyes.

Underpainting is done.

The first woman is pretty much done.
Her eyes still need to be blocked out.

Detail of the first woman.

Another detail...

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