Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Diptych Emerges

When I started my latest painting, I had the idea of splitting the original image in two and doing two separate pieces that could stand alone but could also possibly work together. I blogged about the first half yesterday and was really liking the painting as it was. As I worked on the second painting and I put the two pieces together, I am starting to think they belong together. Yes, each piece can work separately and they look fine, but the way the two work together is even more striking that the two pieces alone.

I've never been able to successfully paint a diptych. One side was always stronger than the other or the pieces felt forced. I like the idea of multi-paneled paintings but whenever I tried painting one, they just didn't feel right to me. I finally gave up after trying a few in my "nature" series. I never thought that my latest work would be something that could work as a diptych.
Here is the second image, alone. It is still in the early stages of painting but you can get an idea of how it's going to look. The image is nice enough. The image works alone. I wouldn't say it was my most exciting painting, but it works.
When I put the two paintings together, the painting becomes stronger and more interesting. I love how the two girls are turned away from each other. There's just something nice about how the two girls interact without interacting with each other that makes me want to look more at this image.  Both pieces still need work, especial now that the painting is a diptych. There are some consistency issues that need to be fixed, like the wisps of branches or reeds that the girls are holding. I'm excited to see how the painting turns out. I probably won't be able to finish it until Wednesday though. I am leaving tomorrow for a three day honeymoon and am looking forward to some Rand R with my new husband.

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