Monday, May 3, 2010

Three paintings done...many more to go!

For those of you who have just started reading my blog, I have placed myself in a bit of a predicament recently when I shipped the majority of my paintings to a gallery in Kansas City, not realizing until it was too late that it would mean I would have no paintings left for my Portland show in June. It was not a pretty situation to realize that I would have to ship 20 paintings by June 11th and I was no where near having enough work.

After freaking about for a bit, I took the advice of Amber George (who has always given me great advice) which was to figure out how many paintings I needed and divide it by the number of days I had until I shipped and that would tell me what my weekly/daily schedule would look like. I had to leave a few extra days for packing up the pieces and some "just in case something goes wrong" days in there. I figured I could get away with doing 16 paintings (i have a few pieces left that would work for the show) and that I had about 4 weeks to get them done. From this I had to paint 4 pieces a week and that gave me 2 weeks to pack and ship the work and redo any pieces I didn't like. Okay, this seemed doable. I could breathe again.

Weekend one just passed and I am happy to say that I completed the images for three paintings and I am about 60% done with a fourth! These paintings still need to be covered in wax and wired but accoprding to my schedule, I still have all week to do that and get the fourth piece done! If I can keep up this momentum, I will definitely get these paintings done in time, with some time to spare. I hope I didn't just jinx it....

Thanks to everyone who wrote encouraging words on FB! I appreciate having a cheering section!

Images: These are the three pieces that I worked on over the weekend. Throw some wax on the front and some wiring on the back and these babies are done!

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