Monday, March 22, 2010

La Gran Pachanga: A Benefit for Buena Vista Elementary School

On Friday night, Ben (my soon to be hubby) and I decided to attend La Gran Pachanga: A Benefit for Buena Vista Elementary School at 111 Minna, where there was over 250 pieces of art, jewelry, and clothing by local artists in a silent auction. Now, as a middle school teacher, I know how much schools are hurting with all of the budget cuts. Class sizes are increasing, teachers are being laid off, and programs are being cut. I could go on forever on my tirade about these budget cuts and how I just don't see how this government can keep cutting funds and expect schools to function and teach students well. But instead on focusing on the negative, I am going to write about this benefit and how supportive the community was.
When Ben and I first walked in at 9pm (the benefit started at 8), there was barely enough room to walk around. The place was packed and the benefit had only been going on for an hour! We walked around as well as we could to look at some pretty amazing art and jewelry. It was great to see some familiar names attached some great work. Names like Rubyspam, Sean Chapman, and Gage Opdenbrouw were a few of the many artists who donated their works for the silent auction. Rachel Znerold, a friend and great fashion designer, was doing a live painting that was then to be auctioned off. I caught a few shots of her in the middle of painting this enormous piece. I really wanted to stop by later and see her progress but as the night progressed, the place was even more packed and it took a good 15 minutes to walk about 10 feet. I'm sure she did great and I hope all the work there went for a pretty penny since it was such a great fundraiser. I know Ben and I made bids on a few pieces that we are hoping we won.

It's a shame that any school would have to have a fundraiser in order to be able to fund programs and supplies. That really should be the government's job but at least there was a great turn out. It's nice to see a community come together to support a good cause.

Images: Rachel Znerold working on her painting at 111 Minna and her completed painting after 3 hours of work.

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